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3 reasons to consider illustration for your website

We prefer some sites to others for a reason. One of these factors is usually that we like their appearance. When a website catches our eye, we tend to spend more time on it, consume more content, and possibly make a purchase.

Today, content is meaningless if it’s not engaging. If you want to get ROI from the traffic to your website one of the tools you can use is illustration. In this article I briefly cover 3 key reasons to consider illustration for your website.

Illustrations can help to improve the user experience

Due to their beauty and freedom to innovate, illustrations are being used in more and more web and mobile applications. It is used as a technique to improve the accessibility, usability, and visual appearance of a user interface.

For example, of the more than 100 million news articles on Facebook, messages with images received 2.3 times more engagement than messages with only text, according to a study by the BuzzSumo team. That’s impressive, isn’t it? You must have noticed that you pay more attention to exciting pictures than monotonous words.

Illustrations have the unique ability to make the user experience more personal, simple and beautiful. It’s a great tool for grabbing your customers’ attention, but it also helps build trust and create stronger, longer-lasting relationships with them. It reinforces the brand heritage and helps website users appreciate the constant flow of information they experience every day.

Illustration designed by Sua Balac for Facebook

Illustrations appeal to the user’s emotions

People are emotional beings, and our emotions often influence our decisions. Your online presence is indicative of the product or service you offer. When you feel emotionally attached to your product, consumers can engage with your brand and do business with you. The reason for using illustrations on your website is to portray strong emotions associated with your business. Whatever you incorporate into it, whether it’s shape, facial expression, or colour, can have a major impact on the emotion it evokes. Developers can turn visuals into a powerful tool that aligns experiences with how users feel when they first engage by analysing user activity, behaviour, and elements that drive emotional appeal.

For example, Wetransfer uses fun animated illustrations (designed by Alva Skog) for captions like ‘success’, ‘password protection’ and ‘oops something went wrong’ in order to make the visitor smile and create a positive association with the brand.

Animated illustrations designed by Alva Skog for Wetransfer

Illustrations are an effective storytelling tool

A great story draws you in. We use stories every day to entertain and inspire. Storytelling is an extremely powerful tool for any business because it creates emotion and human connection, and gives meaning to your brand. Using illustration is one of the ways you can incorporate visual storytelling into your website design to grab the attention of web visitors, or demonstrate strengths in a way that suits your company’s tone and style, while remaining customer-centric.

For example, on the website of Crazy About Eggs, custom character illustrations of chickens are used to create a friendly and playful feel, while communicating the brand’s mission of producing cruelty-free organic eggs.

Crazy About Eggs website designed by Superhero Cheesecake agency

To sum up…

I hope this article has assured you of the value illustrations can bring to web design. If you’re using images on your website, it’s worth investing in custom artwork. As a result you can generate extra traffic and conversions. Creativity is an asset in any type of industry. Make your website look better and your visitors are more likely to visit, stay longer and buy more often.

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